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Clients Feed Back (Testimony)

MartinName: Martin
Country: Australia
Trip Feed Back: Langtang Trekking

"I just want to commend Babu and Adventure Great Himalaya on making our second trip to Nepal very enjoyable experience. This is the second trip to Nepal I have made, and I have had two good experiences with Babu.

My first experience in Nepal involved a Lang Tang trek in 2004 with Babu himself as our guide. We decided we would carry our own packs, and employ Babu as our guide. Babu He also made a very wise suggestion to take Land cruisers from Kathmandu instead of the local buses.

At all times Babu paced the group well, organised excellent guest houses, ensured we all had enough food, and ensured we had time to see the sights, while being entertaining and informative.

Our group became good friends with Babu, and when two of us returned to Nepal five years later in 2009, we contacted him again. This time to walk the Annapurna circuit. We had decided to walk the circuit this time unaided. We were a little worried about telling Babu this, but we should not have been, "no problem", he says, and promptly took us to lunch. He of course organises cars and permits, gives us some advice, and tells us to contact him when we get back to Pokhara.

In all our dealing with Babu, he has been professional, always works with professional people, and listens to what we want. Most importantly makes good suggestions, but had never attempted to force any services upon us. We value the friendship that we have developed with Babu, and I do not hesitate to recommend Babu and Adventure Great Himalaya.

Name: Caro y Gastón, Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina
Trip Feed Back: Annapurna Base Camp Trekking

Relato de Treek Santuario Annapurna
Enero 2010, Carolina y Gastón

Queridos Amigos, queremos dejarles nuestro testimonio acerca del treek que hemos realizado entre el 7 y 14 de Enero al campamento base del Annapurna. Contamos con la ayuda y conocimiento de Babu y la generosa compañía de Sumon a lo largo de esta aventura.

Nos casamos en Octubre del 2009 y, tras finalizar el año laboral, emprendimos nuestra ansiada Luna de Miel entre el 26 de Diciembre y el 31 de Enero del 2010. Destino: Nepal e India, un sueño a realizar.
¿Cómo ibamos a visitar Nepal sin hacer montaña? Con lo que nos gusta!!! Que nos inquietaba? El hecho de visitar los Himalayas nada menos que en invierno y sin demasiados días para dedicarle.

Más allá de nuestro conocimiento y nuestras experiencias previas nos hacía ruido esta cuestión y decidimos escribir nuestras inquietudes vía mail a cuanta agencia especializada y organización de montaña hubiera; para elegir el treek adecuado para la época y atender las necesidades para llevarlo a cabo.

Babu Karki fue la primera persona en contestarme, no solo con todo lo que le preguntaba sino además con una alegría inmensa y muy buena predisposición. A partir de ahí muchos, pero muchos mails se fueron cruzando intercambiando preguntas y respuestas. Nuestra idea original era hacer el treek por libre. Jamás, pero jamás en ningún mail Babu nos mandó un programa o un presupuesto, mostrando interés solo por clientes; simplemente nos ayudó con lo que necesitábamos, poniendo su conocimiento a nuestro alcance.

Finalmente, ya en el aeropuerto de Kathmandú, fue Babu quien nos vino a recoger, no ayudó a conseguir hotel y a tanto y cuanta necesidad se nos cruzó por adelante. Decidimos, para facilitarnos la cosa, contratar un guía para hacer nuestra aventura: Aquí apareció Sumon, un joven guía nepalí que compartió nuestro recorrido informándonos y asistiéndonos en cuanto necesitáramos, mostrando un gran profesionalismo.

Qué decir del trekk? Pasamos una semana espectacular, con un cielo siempre limpio, conociendo un lugar increíble y gente maravillosa. Sin duda una experiencia a repetir; sin duda la presencia de Babu y su gente para cualquier inquietud, ya sea contratar un paquete o simplemente contar con su servicio.

Babu: Muchísimas gracias por tu palabra, tu apoyo y tu trabajo. Hasta pronto!!!

dmanName: D-Man
Country: Canada
Email: Damianl3@hotmail.com
Trip Feed Back: Everest Base Camp Trekking

Excellent Adventure!!

I recently completed the Everest Base Camp trek with Adventure Great Himalaya. This was an awesome experience! The service that Babu and his staff provided was top notch. My guide Suman, was very knowledgeable, friendly, and took care of me throughout my 13 day trek. As a solo trekker, I never felt alone. All in all…would definitely recommend using Adventure Great Himalaya.


Chiu KuenName: Chiu Queenie
Country: Hong Kong
Email: chiu_queenie@hotmail.com

I had been trekking with Babu for three times in Nepal from 1999 to 2004. I really appreciated his service.He was responsible and provided professional advice for usin the journey. Besides,he was so thoughtful in taking care of us.I felt secure in the journey because he had tried his best to protect us all the time.During the journey, we always laughed because he was so humorous. During the second journey, I was very impressed because I could experience the living of the village people. By the help of Babu, we communicated with the village people.They were so friendly and sincere. We could learn more about the custom in Nepal from him. Babu is soexperienced in trekking, I believe he can provide good service for you in the journey.

Name: Wanwisa Ruangsomboon
Trip Feed Back: Annapurna Base Camp Trekking

Here is our letter for you. We are thinking about Annapurna Base Camp for our next trip in 2011!!!

“We have been to Nepal and trek to Poonhill on mid Oct 09. We asked Babu for porter and we got Gakul as a porter. He took care us very well, helping to arranged accommodation, food and everything while we were trekking.

We are very happy that Babu helps us to arrange everything and he also called us when we were in Pokhara to make sure that everything is all right.

Thank you to make our travel smoothly and we are sure to use his supporting again for the next trip !!!!!“

“เรากับเพื่อนไป Trek ที่ Poonhill มาเมื่อกลางเดือนตุลา 52 โดยใช้บริการบริษัทของบาบู คือตอนแรกก็ไม่ได้คิดว่าจะใช้บริการอะไรของเค้าหรอก กะว่าแค่จะให้ทำใบอนุญาติให้อย่างเดียว แต่พอมาได้คุยแล้วก็ถูกคอกัน ก็เลยตกลงจะใช้ลูกหาบของบริษัทบาบู ได้ลูกหาบชื่อ Gakul นิสัยดีแล้วก็ดูแลให้ทุกอย่างเพราะเราก็ไปกันสองคนผู้หญิงเทคแคร์ประมาณน้องสาวเลยค่ะ พอไปถึงโพคาราบาบูก็โทรมาถามว่าถึงหรือยังโอเคไหมมีที่พักแล้วหรือยัง โดยที่เค้าก็จะไม่บังคับว่าต้องพักที่ๆเค้าแนะนำนะค่ะ ตอนกลับมาจากการเดินเขาก็โทรมาถามตลอกว่าการเดินทางเป็นยังไงโอเคไหม ก็แบบดูแลดี แล้วก็ไม่เคยยัดเยียดโปรแกรมหรืออะไรให้ คือแบบแฟร์ๆ ก็เลยชอบ ก็คิดว่าถ้ากลับมาคราวหน้าก็จะใช้บริการของเค้าอีกนั่นแหละ สนใจก็ลองเข้าไปหาข้อมูลเค้าได้นะค่ะรับรองว่าไว้ใจได้แล้วก็ได้มิตรภาพที่ดีกลับมาเด้วยค่ะ”

Best regards,

jeanName: Jean-Baptiste
Country: France
Email: julliardjeanbaptiste@ymail.com
Trip Feed Back: Annapurna Trekking

Pendant mon trip au Népal, j'ai rencontré Babu et suis parti en trek avec lui; j'ai ainsi découvert la région des Anapurnas, ce qui fut pour moi une très bonne experience. Depuis il a fondé sa propre compagnie de guide, que je vous recommande vivement.

Name: D.Mallin & L.McEwen
Country: UK
Email: dom77@btinternet.com
Trip Feed Back: Annapurna Circuit Trekking

”Great! We had a wonderful time on the Annapurna Circuit. Our guide Babu was always helpful and full of information. The scenery was amazing and the 2 weeks were so much fun. Our porter Mohan was fantastic and always smiling!“

SamName: Sam
Country: UK
Email: sambulkeley@hotmail.com
Trip Feed Back: Annapurna Circuit Trekking

”My husband and I took a trip to Nepal in April this year (2007) and were guided around half of the Annapurna Circuit (Besisahar to Jomsom) by Babu on a 13 day trip. Babu was a great guide and new the route very well so we were never worried about getting lost and when the path was not clear we were very grateful that he was there! He could also prepare us for the following day's walk so that we knew what to expect, how long we would be walking and where the big hills were. His knowledge of the people and customs was very good and he seemed to get along very well with all the tea-house owners so they all made us feel very welcome. He also knew what to do in cases of Altitude Sickness which we both suffered from in varying degrees and kept a good eye on us to make sure that we were not doing more than we should be doing if we were ill. He had Diamox with him but luckily for us we did not have to use any of the rest of his first aid kit.

Babu made our trip interesting and much less taxing than trekking alone. We relied on him completely and spent our time enjoying the scenery and the experience. It is possible to trek independently and we did consider it, but with hindsight a guide and a porter made our trip much more enjoyable which was important for us as we only had a two week holiday so we made the most of our break.

If you are considering trekking in Nepal we would recommend Babu as a guide and hope you have an amazing holiday as we did, with memories to keep forever."

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