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Kathmandu has an increasing numbers of bars mainly in Thamel area, which stay open late and there are a couple of low-key night clubs. There is one cinema that shows western films and four casinos. All of them attached to five star hotels.

Nepal is a shopper’s paradise. Whether you are looking for a cheap souvenir or real work art. You can find almost anything in Kathmandu or Pokhara. Price are low for foreign products but   you will realize that you get what you pay for it. There are something really full of poor quality, Indian printed books, Pakistani pirate CDs and locally made clothes.

Buying Thanka
Thanka are the traditional Tibetan Buddhist painting of religious is ceremony subjects. The subjects may be a Mandela the wheal of life aspects of the Buddha. Thankas do very consider in  quality but buy one because you like it and not as a valuable investment.

One of the latest hot souvenir items is a shawl or scarf made from fine pasmina. Pasmina, the hair of mountain Goat] the cost of pasmina depends on the percentage of pasmina. There are literally dozens of shop in Thamel selling pasmina items. The chepest shawls are a 70% / 30% cotton-pasmina.

Tibetan Carpet
Carpet weaving is a major trade in Nepal. The skill was brought from Tibet by refugees. There are carpet weavers around the Kathmandu. Carpet quality depends on knots per inch and price is worked out per square meter.

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