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Nepal Travel Tips

Thinking about traveling to Nepal? This section has all the information you need to make planning your trip easier - everything from visa information and exchange rates to do's and don'ts once you are in the country. 

Access Nepal
by Air
Nepal's only international airport is located in it's capital, Kathmandu.  There are few direct flights to Nepal, which means most travelers from Europe, North America and Australia have to change aircraft and/or airline en route. Another option is to fly directly to Delhi in India and then go in by land with a tour, visiting a bit of India on the way.  Flights are also available from Lhasa, Tibet into Kathmandu.

by Land
Traveling by land from India into Nepal can be an experience on it's own.  There are three main entry points: Sunauli-Bhairawa, Birganj-Raxaul Bazaar and Kakarbhitta-Siliguri.  The easiest way to cross them is by tourist buses from appropriate Indian cities. If you are flying into Delhi, you can enter Nepal quickly through the Mahendrenagar-Banbassa crossing, but the recommended route is to travel first to Varanasi in India, and there cross through Sunauli-Bhairawa.  The crossing between Nepal and Tibet via Kodari is open to organized groups but not to individual travelers, though this has been changing every month so contacting a Nepali based tour operator is strongly advised. Be prepared with alternative plans if you're thinking about using this route, because landslides regularly make it impassable during the monsoon. Time Difference
Nepal time is 5 hours 45 minutes ahead of GMT and 15 minutes ahead of Indian Standard Time

Passports and Visas
Entry Procedure and Visa Rules
Nationals of SAARC countries and China do not need visa when visiting Nepal. As per this rule, Indian nationals do not require visa. However, effective from October 2000, Indians traveling to Nepal by air have to show upon arrival at entry point a valid photo identity like a passport, voter's identity or an identify card issued by the Indian government. Temporary identity card with photographs issued by Nepal-based Indian diplomatic missions is considered in case of exception. Children under 10 years need not show any identification.

Other non-Nepali visitors do not need visa to be in Nepal for three days. Visa must be obtained for staying over the initial period of three days. Free visa is to be given to tourists for re-entry to Nepal provided they stay at least for 15 days in the country in that visa year. First single entry to Nepal for 60 days from the date of entry is US $ 30 or equivalent convertible foreign or Nepali currency. The second entry in the same visa year for 30 days from the date of entry is US $ 30. Multiple entry for one visa year is US $ 50 plus US $ 30 for single entry or equivalent convertible foreign or Nepali currency.

Visa Fees and Extensions
Visa can be extended for those who wish to stay for more than 60 days at the Department of Immigration. Children under 10 years need not pay any visa fee. Two passport size photos are essential. The visa fee is US $30 for the single entry and US $50 for multiple entries.

Business Visa
For foreign investors business visa (with multiple entry) can be obtained from the Department of Immigration for the period of one year or five years upon the recommendation of the Ministry of Industry by paying the equivalent of US $ 100 and US $ 250 respectively in Nepalese currency.

Transit Visa
A transit visa can be obtained from Airport immigration or at the entry point of Nepal without any problems. There will be no charge for 3 days on presentation of an airline ticket.

All visitors except the Indian Nationals must hold passport and valid visa.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India has issued a circular conveying that children between the age group of 10-18 years may be allowed to travel between India and Nepal by air on the strength of their national passport or an identity document issued by the Principal of the school in the prescribed proforma, states a letter sent by Embassy of India based in Kathmandu to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Nepal on February 25, 2004. Earlier, it was mandatory for children to produce passport in traveling between India and Nepal by air.

Arrivals and Departures
Customs, Duty Free Goods, Export Restrictions, Departure Tax, Transport to City

Exchange Rates and Money
Currency, Exchange Rates, Banking, How Much Does It Cost, Tips and Service Charges, Bargaining

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Health, Medical and General Insurance
General Insurance and Safety, Vaccinations, Altitude Sickness and Diarrhea, Safety Precautions

Visitor Services
Telephone Services, Internet and Email, Post, Electricity

Shopping, What to Buy, Culture Dances, Festivals

When to Come, Temperature Chart, Recommended Clothing

Natural Environment
Geography and Environment, Flora and Fauna, Topographic Map

Traveling with Children in Nepal
Kids always help break the ice with strangers, and in Nepal they unleash even more than the usual hospitality . They can also open a door into the often closed world of Nepali women.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Use local greeting “Namaste” with open upright hands together at your chin.
  • Before entering anyone’s house or temple take off your shoes.
  • In some of the temples entrance may be prohibited for non-Hindus.
  • Leather articles are prohibited to be taken inside the temple precinct.
  • It is better not to touch offerings or persons when they are on way to shrines.
  • Beef is strictly prohibited among both Hindus and Buddhists. No female animal is killed for food
  • Walking around the temples or stupas is traditionally done clockwise.
  • Generally temples and monuments are permitted to photograph but it is better to ask authorized person before taking photographs.
  • It is better to be decently clan when visiting any place. Sun and beachwear is not proper when roaming around. Briefs, shorts, bare shoulders and backs may not be appreciated. One need not be stiff and overdressed but comfortably and decently covered.
  • Do not be offered if a Nepalese lady hesitates to shake hand. In Nepal, people especially women, do not normally shakes hands when they greet one another, but instead press palms together in a prayer-like gesture known as “Namaste”.
  • Public display of affection between man and woman if frowned upon. Do not do something that is totally alien to our culture.